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The term bruxism refers to grinding or clenching teeth. More often, bruxism happen overnight ( sleep bruxism ), when the person is sleeping , but can also occur during the day ( waking bruxism ) . This is a totally involunt habit ,. . Some antibiotics such as tetracycline, now retired , have left stains on the internal structure of the tooth enamel , impossible to remove with any teeth whitening treatment . Often patients come to see her damaged from infan enamel ,. . I was afraid of the dentist, but after visiting Miami Modern dental and have a free consultation with Dr. Pasquier , was amazed at how kind and compassionate person he is. I was not expecting much , since the consultation was free, but Dr. Pasquier spent considerable time discussing my dental problem, I presented several options and even let me choose the option that I felt more comfortable . Your staff was very nice and made me feel welcome and relaxed during my visit. advance my next appointment and would definitely recommend Dr. Pasquier to all my friends and family ~ Carla C. of Miami. Miami Modern Dental is a dental practice and modern high technologia established in 1994 in Miami , Florida.

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Throughout the years , father and son , Drs. Marlon Pasquier , Mr. and Marlon Pasquier , Jr. have established a strong reputation within the community, but even more importantly they value their patients and treat them like family. In Miami Modern Dental , we strive to devote enough time listening to their concerns quality , assessing their dental needs , and developing solutions to meet your specific dental problems and aesthetic desires . Our goal is to provide high quality dental and modern to our patients in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Why choose us? Drs . Marlon Pasquier , Mr. and Marlon Pasquier , Jr. of Miami Modern Dental have over 30 years of experience, are constantly attending seminars, and receive extensive training to keep up on the latest in cosmetic dentistry , technology and dental techniques. Both are truly compassionate , loving and gentle dentists who have adjusted their rates to reflect the current economy and make dental care is within reach of all. Due to years of experience and constant training of Miami Modern Dental doctors can offer a wide range of services and even more, they are able to complete most of the procedures in the same office .

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These include : Lumineers - porcelain veneers that require minimal or no tooth reduction ! A smile with Lumineers design not only give you the smile you 've always dreamed of , but will too feel young and confident. Powerprox Six Month Braces - improve your smile and your life in just six months with this fast and economical technique orthodontics. Lingual Invisible Braces - braces are placed behind your teeth so no one can see them. Get a beautiful smile without anyone walking braces for quenta posts !!! . Teeth whitening - teeth obtenega much lighter shades in one visit , our whitening one hour in the office. Snap -on -Smile - does not hide her smile more . Transform your smile and your life with this cosmetic prosthesis ! Replace missing teeth make or worn, discolored and crooked even in just two visits injections or drilling with this cosmetic device are not necessary !!! . General and family dentistry - as mentioned , most procedures are performed in the same office . For example extractions third molar ( wisdom teeth ) , root canal therapy periodontal (gum) , crowns and fixed bridges porcelain , snoring devices , and more.

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Easy payment plans are available to make your necessary dental care accessible. 0% financing for 12 months of interest available through CareCredit . Most dental insurance , Cash , Visa and Master Card are accepted. .